Low Carb Recipes Oanh’s Kitchen BB

Low Carb Recipes Oanh’s Kitchen BB


Low Carb Recipes Oanh's Kitchen

Do you want to eat low-carb food that is simple and fun to make? Then this cookbook is all you need! Low-carb Recipes From Oanh’s Kitchen is a lowcarb cookbook that includes many new recipes, as well as my all-time favourites.

Less carbohydrate intake also causes less intestinal problems and is also suitable for Diabetes-2. Recipes are sugar free and 95% gluten free.

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Low Carb Recipes Oanh’s Kitchen

All my favorite recipes together bundeled in my low-carb cookbook, together with a lot of new recipes. In this way you also can enjoy the low-carb dishes. All coming from Oanh’s Kitchen.

I’ve calculated the amount of carbs in each recipe, so that you don’t have to calculate. I hope my inspiration will also inspire you to enjoy cooking and eating low-carb food to the fullest!

The recipes includes 20 to 30 carbs a day, mostly half from vegetables. Losing weight in a low-carb way. What a nice thing to do! Enjoy!

With 192 pages it’s packed with recipes for any time of your day. From buns to soups, and from tasty pasta dishes to heavenly desserts!



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